As you can see my car is a mess :/ that well sucks about my early post my car teleportation button didn’t work :/ thought it was for a split second but no just me rebounding off another cars bonnet but man my car protected me πŸ™‚ her car was all crumpled and my ah nothing that a spare tire and a hammer can’t fix… Only joking gutted absolutely gutted :/ I’m not gunna give details about the accident because its a secret shhhhh only my girlfriend knows or anyone who may have seen the car parts scattered around the road.

Well the good thing is nobody was hurt and my car won in a boxing match with some form of citrΓΆn it was like a cross between need for speed and real steel both good films really and I know I shouldn’t joke about these things but that’s how I deal with it, first I was in really bad shock naturally I guess, just my bodies way of telling me it loves me I figured.

Meg was but a heartbeat away still in her pjs and on the scene to aid my shaken body πŸ˜› she was like super supportive and I’m glad she stayed with me all day πŸ™‚ my family were there quick as a flash too and helped tow my car away :/ poor poor car but everyone is ok that’s what counts…

I had a reason I didn’t post today and this was it am sorry πŸ™‚ but am ok so πŸ™‚ smile and take life as it hits you πŸ˜‰ literally