So last night I went over to my amazing girlfriends house, just to get this clear she has a blog “” and she’s way more popular than me having over 5000 views! That’s quite an achievement for only like 3 months. If your coming from her blog thanks for checking my blog out and same vise versa if you havnt been to hers head over to it ASAP 😛

So after spending the night at hers and how perfect it was I thought about how if I travelled to some sort of parallel universe would things be different would I be here, obviously you don’t think about that in a detailed respect because the world is what it is, but wouldn’t it be cool to see how things could be different?

I guess we won’t get to know really its not like its going to be hitting the news recently, i think that flying cars and object teleportation will be the first topics for a news cast to cover. Wouldn’t that be a field day for the news all the new statistics they could share about how flying cars cause higher amounts of accidents or how a man tried to teleport himself and his body rearranged everything all wrong 😛 but there would be still time for the weather report just after 😀

As for couples though music wise don’t you think that every couple has a song, mine happens to be “scouting for girls – heartbeat” to keep a long story short it involved me singing, now there’s something you don’t want to imagine 😛 so for this posts comments I want to be hearing those songs you guys think are for couples even if your not with that special someone, what would you recommend for those who are?

As for my relationship I think I have a bed good mix of work, Meg, party to friends ratio just the way it should be and I’m looking forward to staying the weekend with some friends… Yes ok ill introduce you all when I get chance 😛 not that anyone’s reading my posts just yet but thank you to the people who are 😀

Megs got a cold and sounds sort of like a robot but shhh she loves it really 🙂 she’s trying her best to stay attractive but after the three years we’ve been together I have to say her she’s failing but I still love her anyway 😀

Keep reading and have a good day 🙂