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Halo Anniversary

So ill be sitting down later and enjoying some good old halo, which since call of duty came out I seem to have neglected the halo universe but I say to No more!

I mean I shall be running through trying to miss nothing and reaching those all important skulls and picking up some of those them there gamerpoint’s 😛 (you like me proper Yorkshire?). only problem is I’ll be running through on legendary making it pretty hard to see those things I missed the first time through… any pointers out there?

and next up is the picture of the day:

My new laptop just a nice little shot of its metal finish and the Hp logo, I need some pointers so all you people get commenting and telling me how i can get better 🙂 you may have to go through some of my other posts 🙂

The wall of nerd

So these are some pictures of the wall of nerd that is yes you guessed it my room 😀 as you can see we have a variation.


So I’ve been collecting these for a while 🙂 on the left we have a red dead redemption map and an undead edition poster, next to them we have small call of duty pictures that I aquired when buying the game 🙂 there’s also a transformers poster up there too.


In the center I have a rather large assassins creed brotherhood poster and a landscape battlefield poster, there are also two more call of duty pictures around them two.


And last but not least on the far right wall is a lonely big poster of halo reach, there’s a funny story behind this one 😛 as you may no from megs blog my best friend is Chris and he lives just across the road. Well anyway a while back he rings and says dude check this out… Opens his curtains to re-veil that he has the exact same poster on his wall as mine, naturally I was like dude no way I bought that poster and our houses are opposite you see, they were on the exact same wall! Ha what are the chances of that 😀 no synchronize needed were already on the same wave length, to go out and buy the same poster in the same period of time and stick it on the same wall :D…Win

So anyway I’m hoping to find more posters to put on the wall of nerd whether it be film or game posters we shall see 😀 I think I need either an inception or call of duty poster next 😀

So tell me what you guys think and if any one has any old posters lying around I would be more than welcome to take them off your hands 😉 just send them this way Haha 😀

Top of the world win

So I haven’t posted in a few days :/ there’s been a lot going off well for a start off I’ve been searching for a new car 🙂 its not going well… I found a really nice one…. But then it broke on me :O I tell you cars just don’t like me 😛

That aside I went to the cinema with meg 🙂 and always it was the best, we went to go see the immortals with a group of friends and yeah I guess the film was good, apart from the god fights and the human fights there wasn’t much of a thing there, sure it was cool but it lacked plot 😛 there was one but it was used more as an excuse for big fights using special effects combine with 3D, I’d have to give it a 6/10 on the Ben rating scale, I’d say if you have some spare cash sure go and watch it you never no, you might like it 😉
university is going well, nothing to report on that front unless you like the ramblings on a computer scientist… What’s that didn’t think so 😛 so I headed out to do what all nerds do these days, play call of duty modern warfare 3 and yes its great before you ask, started of with the campaign and finished it on veteran, the hardest difficulty for those of you who do not know 😉 and finished the game in a mere 5 – 6 hours not bad. Went back through to grab some achievements and find all the Intel :D.

Next up was the spec ops, not finished it yet but its going well, with the help of my girlfriend meg and my best mate Chris we have tackled a lot of the survival maps and 3 starred all but two missions, so I went through the leader boards for the ones I did myself and what’s this I don’t think my head can get any bigger because I’ve reached number one in the world 😀 for the solo mission little brother I mean I will probably be wiped off top spot by morning but it was fun getting there 😀 and its cool to know out of the hundreds of thousands of people (there is trust me) I’m the best in this particular mission and guess what… Here’s the picture to prove it 😀


So first off id better start with why i set up a blog….you know the generic first post on how its the latest thing and all my friends are doing it, well nether the less if you are entertained by stories about life, photography, gaming, computing and various other topics about girlfriends and such then you are in the right place so buckle up and drink that coffee & hit that subscribe button.


The blog will basically contain random blogs throughout the day whenever i can find time really and once a week ill do a photography post with what has caught my eye during this week, throw that in alongside some funny topics and nerdy topics and hopefully this will brighten up your day…

as it comes in hand if you have read the Insight into me page that will be up and running in a day or so then you find out that this first topic has to be a nerdy one, so here we go…

My proof for completion of Hard Mode :DThe last mission finished at last...


I’ve started tonight off… well early morning 😉 with lots of caffeine and used my only morning off from university to catch up with some much needed gaming. Well i hit it off on a copy of Battlefield 3 and being the person i am finished the campaign on the hardest setting as shown in the images above… i don’t mess around this early in the morning, its the time when tiredness and caffeine make the gaming experience wayyy more intense 😛 making it possible to clear campaigns and get those much needed Gamerpoints well as you may know they aren’t much needed but shhhh its a hobby ok.

Battlefield 3


So as a review for the game i would say it is defiantly worth getting as it has some amazing graphics and some realistic scenarios, the story line was good and clear as to what was happening although i thought it was left on a bit of a strange edge to a very small cliff. I wont go into details as that is called spoilers ;). A few issues i found however no matter how tired i am i still picked up on little flaws within the NPC’s (None Playing Characters) and other noticeable audio glitches that occurred from level to level.

Although Battlefield is running the new and improved frostbite engine and while the increase in the graphics are crazy compared to other games out there at the moment small things such as characters walking through terrain or even each other have thrown me the hint something might be wrong there and trust me…i pay attention to little details.

The other hitch so to speak was in the audio, i found that time to time at the end of levels the audio would cut off and then at some point the ending was blurted out through my headphones at some point in the next loading screen and with a pair of Turtle beach X11’s  turned up high its not something you want to hear early in the morning

i have yet to play the Co-op campaign and the online multiplayer and i will get back to you guys with what i think… well if theres anyone out there that cares 😀