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S..S..Smile :D


All I could think was “what you looking at, get that thing out of my face?!?” haha yes it is a little strange when I start speaking as the animal but hey someone’s got to give the animals a voice, even if it is really deep and sounds like a mad man on anti – helium 😀 I like to think my voice sounds like this… but I no it doesn’t.

so not much is happening guys, I slept in a really comfy tiger suit the one I used for the new years party 😀 and actually it was the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages 😛 I might have to adapt my sleeping patterns to match those of a tiger 😉 now that would be interesting…bring me steak 😀

I’m in an unusually good mood today probably because of the good nights sleep I got 😉 so you never no, I might post twice 😀 just for you, maybe just maybe 🙂 I shall no be getting ready to go to work yes work or as I like to call it… easy money.

as I  was reading down my android app for BBC news i found this story: Coolest Space Mission Nears End, The Planck space telescope, which has been mapping the Universe’s oldest light, starts to warm past its instrument operating temperature.

now when I read this I first thought that the telescope was called Plank which I thought was hilarious, if some alien found this and intercepted it on its path to what I presume is the sun, they would find on the side written “Space Mission Plank”

and that my news post for now friends is all I have for you as I said, not much is happening 🙂





Not bad from a picture on a phone took me three attempts to get the coaster on its way round, think I did a good job really 😀 and no Miss Normal the first comment cannot be mocking this picture 😛

Well pictures aside this post is going to be all about motivation and not giving up and the best person I know on the subject of not giving up is Meg, she’s had some really bad luck when it comes to driving and all I can say is that it doesn’t put her off, no matter how many things go wrong she doesn’t give in with I personally think is amazing… thats right guys you have to think its amazing too 😉

Lets get in with the love… I love you, yes you… no seriously I do 😛 that aside i am unfortunate to say up there in number one is Meg and no I am not swayed by the title of boyfriend to say such things she just simply is the most amazing person I know, What?!? you guy love her too 😛 well you can’t have her she’s mine 😛

We’ve been together a very long time and I cant wait to go away with her soon 😀 5 days of pure bliss 🙂 just the two of us 🙂 cant think of much better time really :)… notice how happy I am from the amount of smiley faces I put :D.

I shall be seeing her tomorrow after I have taken my Sis to college again… that reminds me, I was robbed of my Mac Donalds, she didn’t pay me until she got back so I didn’t get funding for food :O I no….gutted right ah well there is always tomorrow ;), I really want to know some interesting stuff, anything really just leave that much wanted comment, in fact please leave some intellectual  fact that would commonly be found on the discovery channel, why you ask, for my own amusement of course 😀

also I am coming up to 100 followers need like 3 more I think so I need you, you the one who just some how managed to get to my blog for the first time… Follow me….please 😉



Back From The Christmas Festive’s

Hey guys I’m back from the Christmas holiday  back with the need to blog 🙂 I was looking forward to the snow but it never came never mind maybe next year 😀

So guys what you all up to these days because I got nothing I would usually post a picture and a topic but I didn’t get no Christmasy Pics which I’m not really happy about and well this is my first post back, and I just cant think what’s a good re re opening post to someone whose back…again 😀

Well to start off on a interesting normal note ill be driving my sister to college then dining in mac Donald just down the road…what guys its so nice 😛 get back kick off with some revision and then play some Xbox and then hopefully Little Miss Very Normal will be coming to see me 🙂 we shall see 😀

as you say from her blog a few posts back we may have possibly bought some Tiger suits for a party which as always turned out really good, don’t you think I look so cool 😉 and lately I’ve been getting into photography lately but I just don’t have the gear armed with my phone I can be lethal imagine what I could be with a heavy duty camera 😀 but when you start to think about taking pictures, the way you see things literally changes and I was so pleased with the fact I helped create Meg’s Book Covers 😀 that’s right maybe not now but later i could be famous…right tell me I could be famous 😉

I have been thinking how could anyone pull more views to a blog and that’s right how about a competition I wonder how that could turn out humm but what could be the prize bei have nooo idea, do any of you guys 😀 what do you consider being a good prize 😀 lets see what ideas you have and ill tell you if its gunna happen 😀


Its Nearly Christmas!

I thought id start my post with the picture rather than end don’t ask, am not sure why 🙂 but as you can see its a lizard and nope its not mine, I managed to get this lizard to hop on the side of its enclosure when I was in London zoo (on a short trip), I love how its clearly visible but hidden behind bamboo and leaves it was one of my so called perfect shots… I love it 😀 anyhow’s on with the post.

So people of word-press, what are you getting for Christmas any ideas… well if you do share with me 😀 and if you don’t then share what you will be doing this Christmas whether it be just spending the time with family or going out for a meal let me know 😀 and how would you like to spread festive cheer 😀



Can This Possibly Be

So as I am sat here watching Die Hard 4.0 and loving it even though its the billionth time that I’ve watched it but it still makes me wonder, do you guys think that it would be possible to achieve a “Fire Sale” and hacking into pretty much everything my most curious one is traffic lights 😛 how is it possible to hack into traffic lights… I would love to know how just so I can say I know but not so I could do it 🙂 but seriously the ideas behind this film I think is possible, you could disable the entire country remotely  from a computer barring the electricity they are able to disable more or less everything :O.

so my question is it possible, to the world of nerd out there… is it possible, I would love to learn the mechanics of hacking like I said not because I’d like to do it but because I would love to learn more about it, do if anyone knows where is a good place to start, please do tell.

And I leave you with my photo of this post 😀

so this is one of my uncles old pets, how magnificent I had the glove on and let it sit on my arm and just to be so close to such an amazing creature was just enough the picture doesn’t need explaining 😀

Very Bad Blogger

So for about a week maybe even two I have neglected blogging, this is shearly because of the amount of stuff I’ve had to do , too many deadlines to much work the only good time I’ve had is staying with Meg 🙂 so I shall now be starting a fresh and blogging at well hopefully become more frequent at it…

1) so first up we have what appears to be a random castle shot… nope look closer… real close, that’s right you can see the harry potter poster on the wall haha only kidding that’s far too small and am sure you cant zoom 😉 well any way this was the spot from the first harry potter movie when they have their first flying lessons and they are all shouting up and some mops *ehem* magical brooms :D.

2) This happens to be my bro’s big ass head.. only joking but it was fun when he wanted to do this :D, its funny how much amusement you can cause with a balloon and a marker pen :P, as you can see we both look on the brighter side of life and I’m sure glad we do 😀

3) Ok this is just your standard run of the mill scenic shot, every photo shoot has them… I think well I hope 😛

4) last but not least there’s me 😀 in my natural habitat and o what’s this I appear to have no clothes on 😛 haha this was possibly one of the best buys for myself 😀 and if you think this is amusing, get a load of this 😛

Comic Relief Goes Ape

ok so just recently ive hit 1,000 veiws and i have thought to my self how did i manage to do that when i hardly blog, there never seems to be any time for me when it comes to bloggin, so now i have an alarm so that every two days i have to blog at least once…

so lets start, i thought to myself what is it i can blog well nothing much more than i have been blogging but just alot more of it 😀 and i think the best way for it to get restarted is for a poll… bare in mind ive never used the poll button on wordpress and this could go horriably wrong but for the time being lets see :P.

so id like to be doing more photography posts and i was wondering what it is you people of the world would like to see more of, is it :

and based on these results we shall have a photography post at some point on thursday, all we need now is for people to vote so come on guys get clicking them options 😀


First picture up is the cupcakes ones mine and ones meg and as a guy all I can say is “sweet” without being too feminine 😀 but there really nice but you would only be able to eat one without throwing up but hey its worth it 😉


So we all like love (well most of us) and some like fireworks and explosions but there’s nothing like going to a fireworks display with your girlfriend and two friends mix that in with sparklers and alcohol makes a pritty good night I think 😀 without seeming to emotional i’ll have you know that I love meg 😛 but still I’m allowed to show it I didn’t manage to snap any of us both but ah well the pictures of the fireworks are easily as good as me 🙂 Haha well that’s all for now guys 😀


Bad Day at the Office

As you can see my car is a mess :/ that well sucks about my early post my car teleportation button didn’t work :/ thought it was for a split second but no just me rebounding off another cars bonnet but man my car protected me 🙂 her car was all crumpled and my ah nothing that a spare tire and a hammer can’t fix… Only joking gutted absolutely gutted :/ I’m not gunna give details about the accident because its a secret shhhhh only my girlfriend knows or anyone who may have seen the car parts scattered around the road.

Well the good thing is nobody was hurt and my car won in a boxing match with some form of citrön it was like a cross between need for speed and real steel both good films really and I know I shouldn’t joke about these things but that’s how I deal with it, first I was in really bad shock naturally I guess, just my bodies way of telling me it loves me I figured.

Meg was but a heartbeat away still in her pjs and on the scene to aid my shaken body 😛 she was like super supportive and I’m glad she stayed with me all day 🙂 my family were there quick as a flash too and helped tow my car away :/ poor poor car but everyone is ok that’s what counts…

I had a reason I didn’t post today and this was it am sorry 🙂 but am ok so 🙂 smile and take life as it hits you 😉 literally


So last night I went over to my amazing girlfriends house, just to get this clear she has a blog “verynormal.Wordpress.com” and she’s way more popular than me having over 5000 views! That’s quite an achievement for only like 3 months. If your coming from her blog thanks for checking my blog out and same vise versa if you havnt been to hers head over to it ASAP 😛

So after spending the night at hers and how perfect it was I thought about how if I travelled to some sort of parallel universe would things be different would I be here, obviously you don’t think about that in a detailed respect because the world is what it is, but wouldn’t it be cool to see how things could be different?

I guess we won’t get to know really its not like its going to be hitting the news recently, i think that flying cars and object teleportation will be the first topics for a news cast to cover. Wouldn’t that be a field day for the news all the new statistics they could share about how flying cars cause higher amounts of accidents or how a man tried to teleport himself and his body rearranged everything all wrong 😛 but there would be still time for the weather report just after 😀

As for couples though music wise don’t you think that every couple has a song, mine happens to be “scouting for girls – heartbeat” to keep a long story short it involved me singing, now there’s something you don’t want to imagine 😛 so for this posts comments I want to be hearing those songs you guys think are for couples even if your not with that special someone, what would you recommend for those who are?

As for my relationship I think I have a bed good mix of work, Meg, party to friends ratio just the way it should be and I’m looking forward to staying the weekend with some friends… Yes ok ill introduce you all when I get chance 😛 not that anyone’s reading my posts just yet but thank you to the people who are 😀

Megs got a cold and sounds sort of like a robot but shhh she loves it really 🙂 she’s trying her best to stay attractive but after the three years we’ve been together I have to say her she’s failing but I still love her anyway 😀

Keep reading and have a good day 🙂