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Not bad from a picture on a phone took me three attempts to get the coaster on its way round, think I did a good job really 😀 and no Miss Normal the first comment cannot be mocking this picture 😛

Well pictures aside this post is going to be all about motivation and not giving up and the best person I know on the subject of not giving up is Meg, she’s had some really bad luck when it comes to driving and all I can say is that it doesn’t put her off, no matter how many things go wrong she doesn’t give in with I personally think is amazing… thats right guys you have to think its amazing too 😉

Lets get in with the love… I love you, yes you… no seriously I do 😛 that aside i am unfortunate to say up there in number one is Meg and no I am not swayed by the title of boyfriend to say such things she just simply is the most amazing person I know, What?!? you guy love her too 😛 well you can’t have her she’s mine 😛

We’ve been together a very long time and I cant wait to go away with her soon 😀 5 days of pure bliss 🙂 just the two of us 🙂 cant think of much better time really :)… notice how happy I am from the amount of smiley faces I put :D.

I shall be seeing her tomorrow after I have taken my Sis to college again… that reminds me, I was robbed of my Mac Donalds, she didn’t pay me until she got back so I didn’t get funding for food :O I no….gutted right ah well there is always tomorrow ;), I really want to know some interesting stuff, anything really just leave that much wanted comment, in fact please leave some intellectual  fact that would commonly be found on the discovery channel, why you ask, for my own amusement of course 😀

also I am coming up to 100 followers need like 3 more I think so I need you, you the one who just some how managed to get to my blog for the first time… Follow me….please 😉




Very Bad Blogger

So for about a week maybe even two I have neglected blogging, this is shearly because of the amount of stuff I’ve had to do , too many deadlines to much work the only good time I’ve had is staying with Meg 🙂 so I shall now be starting a fresh and blogging at well hopefully become more frequent at it…

1) so first up we have what appears to be a random castle shot… nope look closer… real close, that’s right you can see the harry potter poster on the wall haha only kidding that’s far too small and am sure you cant zoom 😉 well any way this was the spot from the first harry potter movie when they have their first flying lessons and they are all shouting up and some mops *ehem* magical brooms :D.

2) This happens to be my bro’s big ass head.. only joking but it was fun when he wanted to do this :D, its funny how much amusement you can cause with a balloon and a marker pen :P, as you can see we both look on the brighter side of life and I’m sure glad we do 😀

3) Ok this is just your standard run of the mill scenic shot, every photo shoot has them… I think well I hope 😛

4) last but not least there’s me 😀 in my natural habitat and o what’s this I appear to have no clothes on 😛 haha this was possibly one of the best buys for myself 😀 and if you think this is amusing, get a load of this 😛

Comic Relief Goes Ape

So here is my first photographic post and these are all pictures that i have taken but i thought id start by backtracking and showing you some past pics i took. as for the title this was a hint towards Toby Turners literal trailers… if you havnt seen them head over to youtube and take a look, hes hilarious off topic but yes ok lets go 😛

1) First up is the Warped Bus Shot, now i took this and thought it looked cool but hey all our minds dont think alike so comment and tell me which picutres look the best and why 😀

Weird Huh?

2 & 3) so these are some shots when i was casually stood on the edge of a waterfall as you do in your spare time, the first one looking nearly over the edge and the second one looking back at the waterfall itself… pretty neat huh?

Close as i could get to not falling off :D

 Looking Back at the Waterfall

4) every photo shoot needs to have a subject of some sort so i thought hey why not make that subject me… sorry for having my back turned just stuffed aload of food in my mouth i looked terriable nice shot of my backside though 😛

Whats this me out in public







5) Last but not least a lovely shot of the sunset in the shire o yes Yorkshire that is, its not like you get to see that everyday… wait you can 😛 anyways it made my night just that bit happier.

The sun setting in the shire... yorkshire











Comment on how these pictures look and i might just go ahead and do it again next week 😛 i shall do a poll tommorrow and which ever topic wins i shall route out my week to find pictures to match 😀 as for now i am going to watch my Misfits catchups on 4od so have a good night to all you wordpress “folk” and peace from me and Frodo in the shire 😀